3 fires within 12 hours for Liverpool
By Firefighter Joe Santoro
July 2, 2018

The last 12 hours have been busy for our Volunteers. Starting Sunday night around 11:15pm the members of the Liverpool Fire Dept, along with mutual aid companies were alerted to a reported fire at the Electronics Park pool house, on Larkin St in the Station 2 response area. The caller reported fire showing underneath an overhang. Car 3(DC. Laakso) quickly marked enroute along with Engine 2(FF. Dawley). First arriving units found several trash cans on fire within the park. Car 3 quickly held to Liverpool units only and secured mutual aid companies. Engine 1(FF. J. Santoro) was the second arriving engine and assisted Engine 2 with investigating the park for remaining fires. Fire investigators were called in along with OCSO and began investigating the cause of this fire. This fire was determined to be intentionally set by investigators.

Around 6 hours later at 5:30am crews again were called back to the same park for a reported building on fire. Car 1(Chief Payne) arrived with smoke and fire showing. Engine 2(DC Manley) arrived first due followed by MCFD E32 and began supperession operations. Car 2(DC. Ormsby) and Car 3(DC. Laakso) also assisted on scene. Rescue 1(FF. J. Santoro) and Solvay Rescue 11 arrived at the same time and assisted crews already working. Most of the fire damage was to the exterior of the building. Again investigators were called in and again this fire was determined to be intentionally set.

As companies were picking up from the first fire, Liverpool was toned out for a second reported fire at the Hopkins Rd park around 645am. A caller who was walking his dog in the park came across a concession stand on fire and immediately called 911. Car 3(DC. Laakso) was the first arriving chief with smoke and fire showing. Car 2(DC. Ormsby) arrived and assumed command. Rescue 1( FF. J Santoro) was first arriving followed closely by MCFD E32, and Liverpool Engine 2. Rescue 1s crew gained entry into the building while Engine 2s crew began knocking the fire down. Command held with Liverpool and the MCFD Engine. Investigators were called and this fire is under investigation.

The Onondaga County Fire investigation unit and OSCO are currently investigating all 3 fires.