A Big Friendly Thank You
By Firefighter John Laakso
March 5, 2019

Yesterday during our monthly business meeting we had a special guest stop by to say thank you. Meet Jennifer and her 4 legged companion Chelsea. While walking in the trail Sunday, Chelsea ran off chasing some ducks and ended up finding herself on the ice in the lake. Unfortunately the ice broke sending Chelsea into the freezing water and was struggling to get out. Jennifer quickly called 911 looking for help when she saw Chelsea in trouble.

Liverpool was dispatched to the East Shore Trail for a dog in the water needing help. Car 1 (Chief Payne) arrived on scene first and confirmed the dog was about 10 feet off shore in the water and was having difficulty getting back up onto the ice. Rescue 2 (Capt. Warren) arrived and began suiting up in our cold water rescue suits. Rescue 1 (LT Heneka) arrived and began setting up the ropes and equipment we use for water rescue. Within minutes of arriving, two swimmers were out on the ice rescuing the dog and assisting her back to shore. Thankfully Chelsea was just cold and would end up being fine.

Even though it was not a human out on the water it was still a priority to Jennifer and to us. We train multiple times a year on ice and cold water rescue so when an emergency occurs we can respond quickly and efficiently to do every we can in a timely manner. Last night we all got to meet Jennifer and Chelsea. Everyone was smiles when they saw Chelsea's wagging tail and how eager she was to meet everyone. Their thank you went a long way and we thank you for stopping and supporting us!

Units: Car 1, Car 3, Rescue 1, Rescue 2, Rescue 3