Baby duck rescue
By Lieutenant Joseph Mahar
July 9, 2019

On 07/09/2019 Fire Control alerted Car 3 that 7 baby ducks were trapped in a storm drain at the intersection of Colony Park Drive & Clint Drive. Engine 1(Capt. Ingram), Rescue 1(Lt. Schaefer), and Car 3(D/C Manley) responded. Upon arrival multiple neighbors directed us to the ducklings. Crew members worked together to rapidly extricate all the baby ducks from the storm drain. Once the ducks were out of the storm drain we attempted to locate the mother duck, but were unsuccessful. The baby ducks were brought back to Station 1 and cared for until Wildlife personnel arrived. All the baby ducks were turned over to wildlife personnel.

Units: Engine 1, Rescue 1, Car 3