Tree Down Causes Traffic Issues & Power Outages
By Administrator
August 2, 2017

Around 1:19p, Liverpool Fire Department was alerted for possible wires down call. Car 2 (Ormsby) responded within moments of dispatch and arrived to confirm that there was a large tree down. Also with Car 2's initial size-up, he indicated that 2nd Street would need to be closed down due to multiple primary and secondary wires that posed a major hazard. Engine 1 (Martuscello) responded to 2nd Street & Balsam Street to close the road way down. Engine 2 (Manley) responded to 2nd Street & Tulip Street with the same assignment. Crews were tasked with keeping bystanders away from the scene as well as assisting police with traffic control. As multiple tree crews, as well as utility crews arrived, the scene was turned over to them. Liverpool Fire units were clear within an hour; however, tree and utility crews remained on scene for nearly 10 hours.

As a reminder, PLEASE STAY CLEAR OF ANY DOWNED LINES. Power can jump much further than people may think and can be deadly. When in doubt, back up and stay away!

Units: Engine 1, Engine 2, Car 2
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