Rollover On I90
By 3rd Assistant Chief John Laakso
September 8, 2017

Just before 5pm Friday, Liverpool was alerted for a vehicle rollover on eastbound I90 at MM 282. Addition calls were received advising people possible ejected from the vehicle down on the side of the road. Car 1(Chief Loucks) arrived and confirmed a single vehicle roll over with at least one confirmed ejection. Car 4 (D/C Laakso) arrived assuming the operations chief, relaying they had 5 patients all ALS criteria. Eaves Ambulance arrived taking medical command and started to triage the patients. Rescue 1(FF Harter), Engine 2(Capt. Ambrose) and Squad 2(FF Stolusky) arrived and quickly went to work stabilizing the vehicle and packaging the patient. A total of 5 ambulances was requested to transport the patients creating a MCI. All patients were transported and FD units cleared within an hour.

Units: Car 1, Car 4, Rescue 1, Engine 2, Engine 3, Squad 2, Rescue 2. Eaves Ambulance, AMR Ambulance, Nova Ambulance
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George Barrett September 09, 2017 at 2:13 PM
Was listening to the radio traffic. Very professional, and excellent job talking with multiple units from several agencies and coordinating resources through Fire Control. Great job on the ground and at the 911 Center.