MVC With Entrapment
By 2nd Assistant Chief John Laakso
January 31, 2018

Wednesday morning, Liverpool was dispatched to a MVC on 7th North St & I-81 with a person possible trapped in the vehicle. Car 3 (D/C Laakso) arrived to find a 2 vehicle T-Bone collision with the driver of the one vehicle was trapped. Car 1(Chief Payne) arrived and established command. Engine 2 (Capt. Ambrose) arrived and quickly deployed a safety line and started stabilization. Rescue 1 (LT. Warren) arrived and started using the hydraulic tools to remove the roof and gain access to the patient. North Syracuse Rescue 7 was just clearing a call, offered up their assistance and was started to the scene. Once arrived, they assisted with removing the roof and assisting the crews working. Engine 3 (LT. Argy) arrived assisted with hazards. ultimately the roof and drivers door had to be removed and the dash had to be displaced to remove the patient from the drivers seat. The driver was removed and transferred over to AMR for further care and transport to the hospital. the extent of the patients injuries is unknown.

Dispatched - 09:12
Rescue 1 Arrival - 09:20
Patient Extricated - 0949

Units: Car 1, Car 3, Car 4, Engine 2, Engine 3, Rescue 1, Rescue 7
Mutual Aid: NSFD Car 1 & Rescue 7
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