Busy Week For Liverpool
By 2nd Assistant Chief John Laakso
April 6, 2018

Starting Monday, the crews in Liverpool have been quite busy. On top of the normal calls, meetings and training, the crews were tasked with even more.

On Tuesday:
Station 2 started off their day with Car 3 (D/C Laakso) and Engine 2 (FF Catalino) handling a fire in Mattydale. The company assisted with ventilation and overhaul. After returning to service, crews were dispatched to a vehicle into a house. Rescue 1 (LT. Warren) and Engine 2 (FF Santoro) found a vehicle that was accidentally sent through the back wall of the garage. No one was injured and the scene was turned over to codes.

On Wednesday:
Car 4 (D/C Manley) and Engine 1 (FF Catalino) were the second arriving engine at a basement fire in the Moyers Corners Fire District. Car 4 operated as the operations chiefs while the engine crew assisted on scene. Units were back in service with in 30 minutes.

On Thursday:
Car 3 (D/C Laakso) and Engine 1 (D/C Manley) moved up to Cicero Station 1 to provide coverage for the Cicero members while they conduct their annual elections. We would like to congratulate the incoming officers, wish them a safe year, and thank them for the great hospitality they provided.

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