5th Annual LEON festival
By Firefighter Joe Santoro
June 21, 2018

On Thursday June 21st, members of the Liverpool Fire Dept took part in the 5th annual LEON festival down at the Onondaga Lake Parkway. The “LEON” festival is the halfway mark to the Christmas season and also kicks off the summer season as well. Engine 5(D/C Manley) was stationed to the “hometown hero’s” section of the event, with multiple other public safety organizations. During the event members passed out fire prevention things to kids and the kids interacted with our members on a positive level. The kids loved the fire engine! Throughout the night Engine 5s crew responded to two calls within the district as well. To end the night, a fireworks display was put on for all the people who came out to kick off the summer season. The event was a huge success. We cannot thank our dedicated members for all that they do day in and day out!