Rescue 1 extricates one in Seneca River
By Firefighter Joe Santoro
July 8, 2018

Around 0620hrs this morning, Seneca River Fire Dept and mutual aid companies were alerted for an MVC vehicle into trees on Hayes Rd. Upon Seneca River Car 2s arrival, he advised a single vehicle in the trees and heavy extrication would be required. Rescue 1(FF. D. Santoro) marked enroute with a crew of 6. Upon the Rescues arrival, the crew assisted Baldwindsville E4 which was already starting extrication. R1 and E4 did a partial dash lift and removed the driver side door. From the time Rescue 1 arrived till the time extrication was complete was approximately 7-8 minutes. Rescue 1 returned to service within 30 minutes.