Working Dwelling Fire
By Firefighter James Peet
January 1, 2020

At 0150hrs, Liverpool Engine 3 and Car 3 were dispatched to a report of a dwelling fire in the 2300 block of Lamson Rd in the Phoenix Fire District. Engine 3 (Capt. Mahar), and Car 3 (D/C Albanese) responded and received an initial assignment as the rapid intervention team. While enroute, Baldwinsville Car 2 reported a Signal 99 (working fire).

On arrival, personnel from Engine 3 established a rapid intervention team and remained proactive by completing continuous 360 reassessments of fire conditions in the dwelling, as well as securing multiple access and egress points.

After maintaining the RIT assignment for a period of time, personnel from Engine 3 were reassigned to assist with an interior fire attack. Engine 3 personnel continued to assist with an interior fire attack until the truss system in the roof failed, causing the roof to collapse into the first floor, causing minor injuries to two firefighters operating nearby.

At this time, the strategy was changed to an exterior attack. Crews continued to work aggressively from the outside of the structure, ultimately bringing the fire under control.

Liverpool personnel assisted with overhaul operations for a short while after, and ultimately returned to service.