Pole Barn Fire in Oswego Co.
By Captain Joseph Mahar
January 10, 2020

On 01/10/2020 at 0345 hours Liverpool Engine 3 (Capt. Mahar) was dispatched mutual aid to a structure fire off Oneida River Rd. in Oswego County. Clay Car 2 (D/C Redhead) arrived and reported a Signal 99 (Working Fire) with heavy fire conditions. Phoenix Engine 12 arrived placed themselves in the driveway. Moyers Corners Engine 22 arrived and began to establish a water supply from the Oneida River by drafting. This is a non hydrant area. Liverpool Engine 3 was the 3rd arriving engine. The crew was tasked with checking the adjacent exposure building for fire due to the siding starting to buckle from the heat. Once it was determined that there was no fire, and there were no occupants in the building, Engine 3 crew then used an attack line off Phoenix Engine 12 to assist in suppression on the Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie side of the building. Engine 3 also assisted in extinguishing a small bus that was on fire on the alpha side of the building. Several attack lines were used to extinguish the fire. Multiple tankers were called to the scene for water supply. Multiple Fire Companies were operating on scene. Liverpool Crews operated on scene for approximately 2 hours before returning to service.

Photos courtesy of the Phoenix Fire Dept, News Channel 9, and LocalSYR.com