2022 Elections of Officers
By Liverpool Fire Dept
December 6, 2021

On Monday December 6th, 2021, the Liverpool Fire Dept held our annual Elections of Line Officers for the Year 2022. The following are the results of those elections:

Executive Line:
President: David Ingram
Vice- President: Zachary Paparo
Secretary: Rabin Stolusky
Treasurer: David Mix
Asst. Treasurer: Gene Balcum
3 Yr Trustee: John Lewis Jr,

Fire Line:
Chief of Dept (Car #1): Matthew Manley
1st Deputy Chief (Car #2): John Laakso
2nd Deputy Chief (Car #3): Donny Santoro
3rd Deputy Chief (Car #4): Joe Santoro

Station #1 Captain: Dennis Lyons
Station #1 Lieutenant: Vacant
Station #1 Lieutenant: Vacant

Station #2 Captain: Matthew Fitzgerald
Station #2 Lieutenant: Mark Dunham
Station #2 Lieutenant: Zachary Paparo

Station #3 Captain: Vacant
Station #3 Lieutenant: Vacant

Fire Police Captain: Bob Brown
Fire Police Lieutenant: John Lewis Jr.
Fire Police Lieutenant: Rabin Stolusky